fifty shades of grey book chapter 1

Cover of the first book of fifty shades of gray the erotic story Fifty Shades of Gray is an intimate novel published in the year 2011, belongs to the author of British origin EL James.
The book is the first installment of a trilogy.
The story occurs mainly in the city of Seattle, in the United States. It focuses on a young couple formed by a famous and wealthy businessman, Christian Gray, and young and newly graduated Anastasia Steele.

Fifty shades of grey book chapter 1

The novel is well known due to the explicitly erotic scenes described in its pages, which unleash the physical passion of any reader.
The book has come to top bestseller lists in many countries. Millions of copies have been sold worldwide and even surpassed the series of Harry Poter in the record like edition of sold pocket more.
Among other things, 50 shades of Gray  has been heavily criticized and has raised controversies because of the content so strong that it contains, however, has already taken to film screens a homonymous film based on the original story, without presenting the scenes more Strong, but very sensual.
Two girls in disguise
When the young literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview the young entrepreneur Christian Grey, to do a job at the university, he suddenly finds himself with someone who did not expect: one man handsome,   Bright and intimidating.
.The Ana innocent surprised you wanting to have this man as a couple, falls in love with him at first sight and, despite the enigmatic reserve Christian, is located desperate for      Get closer to him.
.Unable to resist the calm beauty of Ana ,  her  wit and  her  spirit  Independent , Gray  admits that he also wants her , yes,  but with  his own terms ...
Hands tied to the back of a girl
 .S orprendida but excited by the unique intimate tastes of Grey, Ana hesitates. Maybe it's too much?
Despite all the symbols of His successful companies multinationals, its enormous wealth, its important    Gray is a man tormented inwardly by the demons and consumed by the   Need to have complete control.
.When the couple embarks on an adventure daring and full of  passion physical , Ana discovers  some  secrets  best kept  of Christian Grey and  both  explore their own desires  dark .
If you want to read a summary a little more extensive, you can find it here.

Another important fact of the book 50 Shades of Gray is that it was born of a fan fiction (that is to say, a story of fiction written by some fan) based on the film of vampires Twilight, called Master of the Universe - Masters of the Universe.
This fan fiction was published in a web page and later they were adapted the names of the main personages, since originally they were exactly the same of the personages of the saga of Twilight. Then they were called as they are known today, Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele.
Subsequently, its author Erika Leonard James rewrote the whole story of the book, but this time as an original novel.
The publications made on the website where Master of the Universe was born were eliminated before the book was published in physical format but ended up being divided into three parts, which make up the trilogy, and the first one was titled 50 shades of Gray.
Girl with mask Not content with his first book, Erika immediately took 50 more Dark Shadows and 50 Shades Freed. If you have always made a mess with the order of the books is normal, since the titles are very similar.
.In those, the exciting adventure of Christian and Ana continue with their ups and downs. In the second, Anastasia sets out to leave the relationship to focus 100% on his career, but cannot resist long to the temptations offered by Gray. In the third, however, the young couple even gets married and Christian has to face his past definitely.
 .It is such a passion that moves this saga that even has become famous what many people consider the fourth book: 50 Intimate Shadows, also known as 'Knowing Fifty Shadows'.
.This is just a book - also divided into three parts - written by a fan, Gillian E. Griffin. It tells everything from the unique point of view of Christian and is available for free download from here, as the author could not put them on sale because of copyright.
And after the success that the trilogy has had during these 4 years since its first publication, it only remains to transform it into a film.

 Fifty shades of grey book chapter 1

A film that, as we have seen, does not have explicit scenes but a lot of sensuality, with some first-class actors, and that was a blockbuster from the first day of its release in February 2015, which also coincided with Valentine, Valentine's Day.
If you want to know everything about this adaptation to the cinema, here we have collected all your data. Or you can also delight in this trailer:
In short, it is one of those books that mark a time and that will remain the whole life in the memory.
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In this post I am going to share the the Twilight series e-book (including Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun) for every one who loved to read this twilight series too.

If you already read one of the twilight series, you can share your opinion about this novel. Write your opinion about the twilight series in the comment form. Or maybe some of you had not already read The Twilight, here is the link that you can download the series of twilight in e-book or pdf format. Just enjoy to reading all of Stephenie Meyer's masterpiece.

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1 The Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
2 New Moon - Stephenie Meyer
3 Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer
4 Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer
5 Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer
The Twilight Complete Series E-book - All Part of Twilight Ebook 1 - 5

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The Twilight Complete Series E-book link download

This file is in the archives format and inside consist of the twilight ebook series. Download now, extract the file, then enjoy it!!!

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Angry Birds (PC-GAME)

angry birds space serial key generator free download

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Angry Birds is a simple, fun and casual puzzle game, where our mission is to help some "sweet" revenge of birds to pigs by hijacking their eggs.

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows ® XP / Vista / Windows ® 7
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
​​Video: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX, 128 MB
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
Free space on hard disk: 45, 2 MB


Mega post All Angry Birds full with crack and serial unique
Mega post All Angry Birds full with crack and serial unique
Mega post All Angry Birds full with crack and serial unique
Mega post All Angry Birds full with crack and serial unique
Mega post All Angry Birds full with crack and serial unique
Mega post All Angry Birds full with crack and serial unique
Mega post All Angry Birds full with crack and serial unique
Mega post All Angry Birds full with crack and serial unique

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