war games for android free download

war games for android free download


Here is the list of war games for Android you were waiting, with titles covering all subgenres: wars of soldiers, tanks, zombies ...

If you have a smartphone or a tablet Android , with this array of action games will be fun to give and take, so take good notes. In total, there are 10 war games that we present, of which half are games , and half of payment.

War Games for Android

War Games for Android free
One of the main Android OS is still the wide range of apps and games with a pretty decent average quality. Among free war games for Android that we talk you then find some jewelry that's fun. The first, without going any further:

Jungle Heat

1. Jungle Heat.
payroll In free war games, Jungle Heat is one of our favorite apps for compensation knew that between humor and action , the ease and reliability of a contest with a great deal of strategy.

Shooting Death Hunt Leader February. Hunt Death Shooting-Leader .
's not exactly Call of Duty version for Android, but considering that you can download, Death Hunt Shooting-Leader is a game FPS that certainly deserves a spot on this list. Being well endowed with missions, incentives, upgrades, graphics and sound effects, Shooting Death is going strong.

Alert BatteThree. Battle Alert - Red Uprising .
Battle Alert us back on stage pure war of the hand of a science fiction story rests on the historical basis of the Second World War, where you will have the opportunity to showcase your strategist conditions controlling an entire army.

1941 Frozen Front April. 1941 Frozen Front .
Yourself off the summer heat with this battle in the frozen Soviet. No doubt another different view of WWII through battles in which strategy prevails over action. However, if you are passionate about games soldiers wars multiplayer set in historical episodes, Frozen Front is among those who have the power to engage.

Sniper Shooting 5. Sniper Shooting . Decant like the Shooting Death of the exciting style of games first-person shooter ,  enlist a sniper command whose mission is to end the terrorist groups that hide in their villages.

Other war games for Android
To climb some steps in quality, along with the previous five free war games for Android, we are obliged to enter the area of payment apps to offer a selection of action games quite renowned with affordable price. To you to pay them or stay only with the first:

 NOVA 3 - Near Orbit ...

6. NOVA 3 - Near Orbit .
Game loft brings us this great FPS with superb graphics and outstanding game play with 6 types of war games mode multiplayer (for up to 12 players). NOVA's online offering 3 will immerse you in a fantasy setting close to animation inspired by the comic book world, perfect for the development of bloody battles for life or death.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

July. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour .
For many, the best action of the moment, an FPS that takes advantage of its popularity with a new title that draws a global war scenario terribly realistic , commented on the current situation Widespread Panic terrorism. Modern Combat 4 is a war game class, with technical, graphics and storylines to engage from the first shot.

Metal Slug

August. Metal Slug .
With a concept inspired by the arcade classic , Metal Slug introduces a dose of humor atypical war game in which your mission is to rescue prisoners and face the enemy at the same time. Its price is around € 3.59.

Guns 'n' Glory WW2 Premium

9. Guns n Glory WW2 Premium .
Gunmen set of success in its first edition, the Guns n Glory comeback war-game become inspired by the Second World War , but with a casual profile makes it suitable for almost all audiences. For battles, choose from the German side or the front of Allies.

Plants vs.  Zombies

10. Plants vs. Zombies .
This game takes too long to need sweeping presentation. There is not a war game of soldiers, or a strategy game, not a game of air battles, nor is a shooting game. But above all, not a game of the bunch .

 What are you waiting for start your offensive download and convert your Android platform fighting boredom sophisticated neighborhood?

Programs to learn English for kids

Programs to learn English for kids


The many programs to learn English that exist for children and adults, are a huge help to complement their own study and practice the language. And the best part is that there are language learning programs for PC and courses for learning English and payment free for children and adults, both online and offline, and focused on all aspects of the language: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc..

Then we make a summary of some of the programs to learn English more interesting, organized by category:

Free program to learn English
There are programs to learn English covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc..
Programs to learn English for free
Obviously, the first choice of those who have their first approach to this type of reinforcement resources to learn a language, is to opt for free programs. And as you will be able to check, in many cases this is not synonymous with lack of quality.

Aimed at beginners of any age, including children, BuenSoft Full English is the panacea for those who want to learn English for free through a Spanish program that is comprehensive, entertaining and covering all facets of the language: write, listening, comprehension, etc. . One of the most interesting aspects of this program is that it gives the user the option of adding extra content to study.

A classic with the band is the program officer Ingles First Certificate Program , aimed at those who are preparing for the exam or certificate of the same name. This is a review system rather than a program to learn English itself, being organized in several thematic modules tests easy to follow. In the same field moves pass first , a very complete program with many training exercises for the First Certificate, visually cleaner and modernized than the last.

In terms of pronunciation and phonetics is the small Sephonics , a curious system that not only help you improve your pronunciation of English (provided they have a minimum level prior), but also to learn all phonetic signs English.

Program for children learning English
Children's programs to learn English often have a playful basis.
Programs for children learning English
Interestingly, in the family of language-learning software, programs designed for learning and study of children at different levels, is the assortment. Here you have some examples:

Despite its simple appearance, Dora's World Adventure is prized for providing children who have their first contact with English, a model for learning fun lexical base essential to engage the language of themed blocks numbers , colors, animals, food, human body, etc..

In the same vein, Ingles for Little Children (or English in the early ages) is an English program for children conceived as an entertaining game, which aims to familiarize the child naturally with the most basic terms in English, introduced through fun cartoon characters.

English Monsanto’s a step further, providing extra support to students of English children aged 10 to 14 years with a level of prior knowledge, focusing on more complex semantic fields, with which the student will acquire a significant wealth of content.

Finally, it is fair to mention Beginning Animated Phonics , a program focused on teaching English phonetics aimed at children, which contains more than 200 drawings of objects that act as reinforcement in the assimilation of recorded sounds are also included .

ABA Ingles
ABA Ingles, one of the programs most popular online English.
Programs to learn English more popular
The following are English learning programs shareware , which you can download just to try, but you'll have to buy to extract the whole game. But if they take the time and effort worth the payout:

Among the best known is the ABA English Course Ingles , a complete system for learning English at home, far from sticking to the grammar, the student agrees to teach conversational English in the street through a natural and Progressive composed of many levels. The ABA Ingles is among the most followed of online English courses in Spanish. It has video lessons and a system of monitoring and recording (with subsequent comparison) records.

Another interesting program is Effective-Ingles , also very complete system that adapts to the needs of children and adults, and has many years of travel as the main guarantee.

Noteworthy are also some programs like Virtual English Teacher , a program endowed with theoretical and practical modules for learning English from the basic level, or Ingles Dictionary , an English dictionary handy for any student of the language, with the Intralingua guarantee.

source : http://www.littlebridge.com/



Do you have trouble seeing YouTube videos on Android? Learn how to download Flash on Android , to install and to browse the Internet without problems and to enjoy video and other content in Flash.

Adobe has long since dropped that later versions to Android 4.0 would no longer have access to the Flash Player , and yet we have seen that this important add-essential for the mobile frenzied spend hours and hours surfing the Internet with your smartphone-even can be installed on Android.

Flash Player on Android

No matter if you go to download Flash Player on your Android for the first time or if you want to upgrade your Flash because it is incompatible with an outdated version of Internet browser you use. With step by step describe you then you can install Flash on your Android device (smartphone or tablet), provided in the case of one of the brands certified by Adobe to use Flash.

See updated list of Flash Player certified devices, with the corresponding models for each brand.

In addition, you have to make sure the Internet browser you use Android also supports Adobe Flash Player. In the most used, only Google Chrome and Opera Mini are incompatible with Flash, but you will have no problem to install Flash in Firefox.

How to download and install Flash Player on Android
Once you've confirmed that your Android tablet or phone is in list of compatible devices, you must follow the following three steps:

1. Enable the option "Unknown Sources" in your device you'll find along the path Settings → Security in order to enable your mobile phone or tablet to install apps that do not come directly from the PlayStation Store.

2. Download Flash Player for Android (you can carry out the download from the device itself, or from your PC. If you choose the latter, then you have to copy the file. Ask recognizable in a telephone directory or the tablet.

Three. Finally, select and run the file, and install or update Flash automatically on your Android.

Unfortunately, we cannot assure you that Adobe will continue to provide for future Android versions of Flash Player. Will continue to watch.

Candy crush saga free download for pc

Candy crush saga free download for pc

At Candy Crush Saga is playable on mobile, on Facebook and online, but today we want to teach you to download Candy Crush on PC, to play in Windows in the same way you do from an Android or iOS device.

You know Candy Crush Saga is one of the games for all ages most successful of recent years. This is match 3 type brain training, or a game like puzzle very enjoyable in which the goal is to match 3 or more candies of the same color by moving the pieces of the panels to make them disappear and earn points.

Candy Crush
If you've got dark, really want to have Candy Crush on PC.
That said, it is difficult to explain how Candy Crush Saga has become a successful game on Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, having literally swept on Facebook, becoming the game that has generated revenues in social network to date.

Sometimes it's a little casual, but perhaps the secret of Candy Crush is the endless amount of levels, the originality of their sets, mesmerizing music, the many tricks and surprises to discover, the fact of being a game for children and adults etc..

As you will see, there are many ways to play Candy Crush Saga , already either through online or offline games Internet, on the computer, on the tablet, mobile phone, etc.. Then we will explain all, keep awake before the secret on how to download free PC Candy Crush.

How to play Candy Crush online
Many people are wondering whether to play Candy Crush you need to have an account on Facebook. The answer is no, because there are many other possibilities. Also, once downloaded to your PC or device, it is possible to play Candy Crush no internet connection.

But if you just want to play a game of Candy Crush online, there are several platforms that give that option, as itself game's official website , where you can play games on a trial. Given the furor aroused by this game, there are several sites where it is not possible official play Candy Crush online indefinitely.

How to play Candy Crush on Facebook
The game had on the most popular social network in the world its launch pad to stardom, and even today, you can play Candy Crush Saga from Facebook . Sure, you have to have an active user account.

Moreover, the rules of the game, the tricks and the other features of the game remain intact regardless of location. If you play through Facebook, you have the option to do so via a smartphone, a tablet, or even you can play Candy Crush on PC using your social network account without downloading anything.

But perhaps the option that has been imposed in recent months, given the convenience and ease of access to online and offline games anywhere, is playing Candy Crush Saga from mobile devices. In case you have not already, we leave also the link to download Candy Crush iPhone , and of course, with the same options and free, corresponding to Candy Crush download for Android .

Candy Crush on Facebook
The game has broken records Candy Crush tracking Facebook.
How to download PC Candy Crush Saga
As explained in the article " Whatsapp for PC ", whenever an app does not have downloadable versions compatible with Windows, there is an option to make it work on any PC through the use of an Android emulator PC, or failing that, iPhone.

Therefore, if you want to play Candy Crush Saga from the PC without having to resort to the alternative of heading over the Internet, either from Facebook, or from one of the above websites offer the possibility of playing Candy Crush online-the steps you have to take are these:

1. Free download and install on your PC the emulator BlueStacks (suitable for any version of Windows from Windows XP onwards. Even from the author's website, you can download a Mac version).

Two. Then download Candy Crush Android Saga , and install the APK file using emulator.

Three. That done, you can already start and play this match 3 from your PC-factly, as if a version of Candy Crush for Windows is involved.

To download Candy Crush Saga on your PC free, follow our tips and you can play just like you do on Facebook and from Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad.

However, without taking away one iota of merit to Candy Crush, the fact is that the supply of PC games is literally full of intelligence and skill games match 3 styles similar to Candy Crush Saga successful. The five that follow are just a small example of what you can find little to buckeyes on the market:

best free car racing games for iphone

best free car racing games for iphone


Would you like to run? Then run to download the 7 best car racing game for iPhone , and have fun for the long time! And it is still true car games selling classic gaming history, it is clear that your "little big smartphone" Apple could not miss a decent collection of apps do you fly aboard dream sports car.

Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted for iPhone
Image of "Need for Speed ​​- Most Wanted", one of the games most successful cars.
If you're into racing games , prove it and choose the ones you like to the next selection, or upload them all at the passenger seat of your iPhone. We give you a choice of 4 games very pointers, and the 4 best free car games for iPhone:

Top 4 Car games for iPhone:

1. Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted Car fits the game's most spectacular city in history to iOS format, without letting either one horse power their sports cars in the versioning. Being a car game online , with Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted will have the privilege to challenge your friends in wild chases. Without doubt, one of the essential games segment.

Two. Drift Mania Championship 2 is a game of spectacular sports car racing (in Spanish), with all the details that are presupposed in a big game of this theme: lots of different cars and tracks, possibility to tune and improve the performance car racing online and local multiplayer, multiple difficulty levels, etc.. And if all this we add a high-quality 3D graphics and an exciting soundtrack, the result is a car games for iPhone reference.

3. F1 2011 GAME is the official game of Formula 1 for iPhone, the only one I can play F1 racing world by putting you in the shoes of world champions Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel. The set includes all the teams to complete world Formula 1 in 2011. It's beastly!

April. Real Racing 2 also relies on the concept of sports cars to build a racing game at the highest level, with exceptional realism. The selected range of race cars included in this second installment of the saga of Real Racing, seeks to conquer the hearts of fools engine. And it is true beauties that online games can run up to 10 hours nonstop exchanging different game modes (time trial, classics by elimination championship racing, racing one on one, etc..), With up 16 players.

Free Car Games for iPhone:

May. Table Top Racing is a fun racing game free pair iPhone, where you can choose one of several toy cars type "micromachines" to be played on top of each duel based not only on speed but also shocks and wiles away the concept of fair play. We love the homemade circuits , emulating the car tracks "room" improvised with whatever goes through.

June. Nitro is a racing game with an approach online arcade games drinking from Car 90, in which apart from competing with rivals, it is important to accumulate bonuses scattered along the track. With the points earned in races, Nitro lets you tune the car to your liking. To be free, it's pretty fun to hang out with friends.

July. Mustang Tuning Crash Chase cocktail scores at competition speed and more action and destruction played by many others, through a free game with graphics overhead perspective, and sometimes reminiscent of classic games arcade ships 80 .

August. Extreme Road Trip 2 , finally, but certainly not at a disadvantage, is a true rarity in the world of racing games for iPhone, more similar to a platform game or a game of ships, which to a racing game. And is that instead of driving as usual, in the extreme roads of this game will have to fly through the air to complete different and entertaining levels. It is perfectly suitable for children .

And if in addition to an iPhone have a Windows computer, then you leave a selection of cars and racing games for PC. You know: select and download!

cheap accessories for your iphone

cheap accessories for your iphone


It seems that everything that surrounds the Apple iPhone is synonymous with spending a lot of money, but there are also accessories for iPhone 5 Cheap and very surprising. Then, we make a selection of some of the best accessories that you are getting to get more out of your iPhone 5 , without scratching your pocket too.

Cheap iPhone 5 Accessories
None of the iPhone 5 accessories you see here, exceed € 5.99.
If you have an iPhone 5 (some of the accessories you'll find below are also compatible with other iPhone models), we are absolutely convinced that anything for your smartphone that does not exceed EUR 5.99 can be considered cheap , right? Well that's what it costs less for the 1st cheap accessories iPhone 5 we have selected for you. Unbelievable but true!

1. FISHEYE LENS for iPhone 5 (for € 5.65) *
lens with a wide angle of up to 180 ° C made ​​of aluminum, designed to capture panoramic images with the fisheye effect. It supports iPhone 5 and 4.

Eye Lens for iPhone

February. LEATHER BLACK for iPhone 5 (for € 1.74) *
Case in black leatherette with an unbeatable value. All buttons are fully accessible, and is compatible with iPhone 5 / 5G / 5 GS.

Leather Case for iPhone

Three. CABLE CONNECTION - USB CHARGER for iPhone 5 (for € 2.50) *
The original is much more expensive, but this cable will give the same performance, for a ridiculous price. Used to connect and charge devices iPhone, iPod or iPad with USB output.


April. CASE - SPORTS ARMBAND for iPhone 5 (for € 5.90) ​​*
Designed for those who play sports while listening to music or record your route through the iPhone. Fits arm thickness, and has headphone output.


May. LIGHTER CAR CHARGER for iPhone 5 (for € 1.99) *
An indispensable accessory for using the iPhone as a GPS in the car, without running the risk of running out of battery. Compatible with USB and Ligthning.


June. HEADPHONES for iPhone 5 (for € 3.00) *
Headset microphone anatomical, buttons and volume control, talk to your iPhone comfortably with "hands free". Optimum sound quality.

Earphones for iPhone

July. SUPPORT / CAR WINDSHIELD SUCTION for iPhone 5 (for € 5.99) *
If you use your iPhone as a GPS, you need a support like this, with unique design for iPhone 5, flexible arm and rotor for vertical and horizontal positions.


August. SILICONE for iPhone 5 (for € 3.50) *
Case Apple semitransparent corporate motif on the back white. Tough and very useful to prevent scratches to your iPhone 5.

SILICONE CASE for iPhone 5

9. BASE LOAD for iPhone 5 (for € 5.99) *
Charging Cradle for iPhone 5 with mini USB female output, allowing you to use your smartphone in desktop mode. Elegant and discreet.

BASE LOAD for iPhone 5

10. PLASTIC SCREEN PROTECTOR for iPhone 5 (for € 1.55) *
4 plastic protective UV filter and format for iPhone 5. Tacky. It can be washed and reused. Soft touch. Protects from bumps and scratches.


* The prices shown correspond to that established by the vendor at the time of preparation of this report. The value of items may vary over time

free download pes 2014 for android

free download pes 2014 for android

Solve the problems of access to online modes PES 2014 detected after launch. Just download this patch.

Shortly after the offering for sale of PES 2014 (Pro Evolution Soccer), one of the most anticipated releases of the year video games, as usual, has discovered a small bug that prevents players to connect to the various modes online this football simulation game.

PES 2014

To end this limitation, Konami has released the first patch for PES 2014 prematurely, pending the release of other more calmly later patches with different implementations.

If you tried to play online to PES 2014 for Windows (there are versions of PES 2014 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC) and I have been impossible, the solution is easy. Just download PES 2014 Patch DVD if you are using the DVD version of the game, or PES 2014 Patch if what you did was download the game file online.

After installing the appropriate patch, you will unlock access to online modes of PES 2014 "Master League" "Friendly Match" and "Rank Match". And if you do not have the game, here are the links to buy one of the three versions:

→ PES 2014 for PS3

→ PES 2014 for Xbox 360

→ PES 2014 for PC

Then we let other downloads of Pro Evolution Soccer related to former versions (demos, patches, etc..) that may perhaps interest you:

retro games for android phones

retro games for android phones

Retro Games Phones, Hellspawn
Hellspawn is a fun retro cell phone totally free online and very classic with graphics and fun where you have to use an orb to direct the play of your ship and destroy all the enemy ships. With this game retro cell phone enjoy fast game play, frantic and fun!

mystery of the old house 2 walkthrough

mystery of the old house 2 walkthrough 

Enjoy the beautiful with Mystery Of The Old House 2 , explore the fantastic free online game. In this fun game to explore cell phone, help a teacher to find the mystery behind an old mansion and its mill. To do this, in this game to explore cell phone in each room you can find a lot of important objects to solve this great mystery. A fantastic game to explore for cell phone with lots of screens you'll love.

Download Zeal - free hidden object games

Zeal - Free Hidden Object Games

Download Zeal - free hidden object games
The game will be installed through
the Download Assistant (2 Mb).
This game will provide
our sponsors.
's always free.
Play absolutely FREE
Zeal - free hidden object games
For the first time have the opportunity to enter the glittering world of glamor magazines. If you want to know the extremely interesting process of creating a fashion magazine, goes all the way from being an editor to the head of department. The action of the game "Blesk" takes place directly on the pages of the magazine. A unique mini-games let you feel the subtleties of the work of a writer belonging to the glamorous world of fashion, and additions to the plot will make you live, in full measure, all the vicissitudes of the life of a great publication. You can repeat the scene several times, and each time, will be totally new!
Download Zeal - free hidden object games Download Zeal - free hidden object games Download Zeal - free hidden object games

Interactive Magazine
Innovative game control
An intriguing story
Lots of mini-games
Over 25 unique levels
free hidden object games - Absolutely FREE
System Requirements

Windows XP / Vista
Processor 1 Ghz or better
256 MB of memory
55 MB of hard disk space
64 MB of video memory
DirectX 8.0
Download Free Full Version – Zeal

Halloween Night Riddle - Free Halloween Games

Halloween Night Riddle - Free Halloween Games

Download Halloween Night Riddle - Free Halloween Games
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Halloween Night Riddle - Free Halloween Games
Halloween night is a time when things can happen even more incredible. My story also happened on the eve of Halloween ... Believe it or not but suddenly I found myself in a dark forest. There was a strange mansion ... I did not know because I was there. But a beautiful witch told me that if I wanted to find the way home, you would enter the mansion and solve puzzles.
Download Halloween Night Riddle - Free Halloween Games Download Halloween Night Riddle - Free Halloween Games Download Halloween Night Riddle - Free Halloween Games
Spend 30 challenging levels
Discover the strange abandoned mansion
Halloween Games - Absolutely FREE
System Requirements
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 GHz or better
256 MB of memory
64 MB of video memory

Download Free Full Version - Halloween Night Riddle