Download game Angry Birds Star Wars II Free for iPhone & iPad

Download game Angry Birds Star Wars II Free for iPhone & iPad

Download game Angry Birds Star Wars II Free for iPhone & iPad
Download game Angry Birds Star Wars II Free for iPhone & iPad
We do not know if it will be the new App of the Week in the App Store or is that Rovio has just decided to give us, just like that, the second installment of its successful intergalactic game  Angry Birds Star Wars .

In this new installment of the game based on the famous trilogy of The Wars , we find new levels, new characters and two new game options, the first time we can go to the dark side and fight on the side of the pigs and also can be used with the game already famous telepods of Angry Birds .

Video game:

The game is universal, you can play on your iPhone , iPod touch & iPad . Normally costs € 0.89 , but now you can download absolutely free .

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Set universal  +
Size: 46.1 MB
Price: Free (temporary offer)

Run to download and what the force be with you!
Download game Angry Birds Star Wars II Free for iPhone & iPad

The game Cut The Rope 2 is already available in the App Store

The game Cut The Rope 2 is already available in the App Store

The game Cut The Rope 2 is already available in the App Store
Cut the Rope 2 has arrived!  few months ago that  ZeptoLab made ​​us get the news about the release of a second installment of the popular game Cut the Rope . Said and done, the guys at ZeptoLab have met the established date of his new game release and is now available for download from the App Store .

Cut the Rope 2  is a fun puzzle game, easy to play but difficult to master. Incorporates new challenges and unexpected obstacles in the successful physics-based game that has trapped millions of players worldwide. In this second installment  Om Nom escapes from its box and walking lush forests, dynamic cities, smelly dumps and underground tunnels in search of a single target, candy!. Along the way they meet new characters, Nommies , which are the most friendly helpers a green monster candy collector can have.

Look at the video of the game, it's great!:

In the video we see the new scenarios spread over 120 levels available and five new characters to help you eat all the candy you can find.  If you enjoyed  Cut the Rope,  you'll love  Cut the Rope 2 !

The game Cut The Rope 2  is universal, you can play on your iPhone , iPod touch or iPad and you can download for just  € 0.89 . Download from the App Store :

Cut the Rope 2

Set universal  +
Size: 84.4 MB
Price: € 0.89

I have already installed on my iPhone , and you ... So what are you waiting for?
The game Cut The Rope 2 is already available in the App Store

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The Christmas sales reach the App Store from the hand of Santa Claus

The Christmas sales reach the App Store from the hand of Santa Claus

The Christmas sales reach the App Store from the hand of Santa Claus
Santa Claus , our sympathetic friend in a red suit and white beard has been around for the App Store and has given a warning to many developers to offer discounts on their apps for iOS on these special days.

Developers chosen by Santa Claus , and are well known names in the list find how  Tapbots , Q Branch , Contrast , Readdle , TLA Systems , Junecloud , Edovia , Realmac or Bloom Built .

The list of applications on sale and their prices (in the App Store of Spain )  is the following :

Day One : Spend of € 4.49 cost € 3.59 >> Download <<
Tweetbot 3 : Spend of € 2.69 cost € 1.79 >> Download <<
1Password 4 : Go from € 15.99 to cost € 8.99 >> Download <<
Vesper : Spend of € 4.49 cost € 2.69 >> Download <<
PCalc : Spend of € 8.99 cost € 5.99 >> Download <<
Delivery Status : Spend of € 4.49 cost € 2.69 >> Download <<
Printer Pro : Go from € 4.49 to cost € 1.79  >> Download <<
Mileage Log + : Spend of € 8.99 cost € 4.49 >> Download <<
Launch Center Pro : Go from € 4.49 to cost € 2.69 >> Download <<
Clear + : Spend of € 4.49 cost € 1.79 >> Download <<
Screens VNC : Spend of € 17.99 cost € 13.99 >> Download <<
PDF Converter : Spend of € 5.99 cost € 2.69 >> Download <<
Calendars 5 : Spend of € 5.99 cost € 2.69 >> Download <<
Scanner Pro : Go from € 5.99 to cost € 2.69 >> Download  <<

Take advantage of offers before they disappear!
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Evasi0n7, Jailbreak iOS 7 is already a reality

Evasi0n7, Jailbreak iOS 7 is already a reality

Evasi0n7, Jailbreak iOS 7 is already a reality
Yesterday news broke and it came as a surprise to most users of the apple, the Jailbreak untethered for iOS devices 7, and it is a reality . Evasi0n so advertised on their website,  with only five minutes of your time you can make Jailbreak any device either iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 7.x .

How in the previous version, it is relatively easy to perform Jailbreak with Evasi0n , you just have to have a computer Windows , Mac or Linux , internet, iTunes and cable installed  Lightning to connect your device. If you have these ingredients, in less than five minutes you can make the  Jailbreak .

As usual the operation of this tool Jailbreak can not be easier and should only have a few  considerations  so that everything goes well:

It is always recommended to back up your device using iTunes or iCloud before using Evasi0n , just in case.
Disables iOS passcode lock before, if you have it enabled. It can cause some problems during the process, so better safe than sorry.
Avoid using the device or iTunes until Evasi0n finished with the process.
If the process stops at some point, you can restart the application or device (if necessary, by simultaneously pressing buttons Power and Home until reset) and start again, do not be afraid.
If you dare (always your responsibility, of course) you can download the necessary equipment for the Jailbreak from the official website of Evasi0n software .
Download Evasi0n
I've always been one to perform Jailbreak the iPhone , I love the feeling of freedom and customization options you can get with it, but with this Jailbreak and changing interface as big wins iOS with its latest version, I think you should wait a little updating and adapting all the tweaks for iOS 7 . Although I have confirmed via Twitter that the device is stable and works well, I personally will wait a bit before Jailbreak my iPhone . A greeting.
Evasi0n7, Jailbreak iOS 7 is already a reality

How to Jailbreak with GreenPois0n: Tutorial jailbreak greenpois0n

How to Jailbreak with GreenPois0n: Tutorial

Posted by iPhoneros on October 14, 2010 in Lydia, GreenPois0n, Hacks, iOS, iPod, phone 3GS, phone 4, Jailbreak and Tutorials. 282 Comments 

How to Jailbreak with GreenPois0n
After a few days for things to calm down, we published a tutorial on using GreenPois0n , the ultimate tool of the Chronic Dev Team Jailbreak for phone 3GS, phone 4, iPod Touch 4G, 3G, iPod with iOS 4.1 . With this program, available for Windows and Linux at the time of publication of this task, it is possible to direct Jailbreak Cordless (unmetered). For iOS 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 using Limera1n recommend ... in those firmwares we have seen that gives less problems.
The most important thing with this iOS Version 4.1 is that although there are ways to upload your version of iOS without updating the baseband on an phone 4 do not recommend that you risk if you rely on the release to use your phone; When you buy an phone which is locked to another operator, but is released by software (Ultrasn0w etc) should be aware that gets into a world that is not easy to update and in which there is the possibility of running out to use the phone freely. Before, there was no alternative but now that the phone is sold factory free in so many countries and that eBay is also possible to find lots of free factory phones
Our advice is to acquire a terminal that do not problems with the baseband and will always be free, as 'free factory' of which we speak. So if you have a phone with iOS 4.0, 4.0.1 or 4.0.2, and depend on the release, just do not update to iOS 4.1 with Limera1n Jailbreak beam and use Ultrasn0w to unlock the baseband and you can use any operator. Now if we go to the tutorial Jailbreak phone 3GS / phone 4 / iPod Touch 4G 3G / iPod with Green poison. The first step is obviously GreenPois0n down his official website.
Once we have downloaded the zip file program, unzip and copy the desktop greenpois0n.exe. From the desktop, open it with a double click.
The program, as we see, is waiting for a phone in DFU mode. It urges us to turn off the device ... not leave it in standby mode with the screen off, but turn it off entirely ... pressing the power button (power) and leaving it tight until the slide comes off button. Once off, connect the USB cable to your computer, and follow the instructions Greenpois0n gives us, we press the power button two seconds, and then the home button (the one below the screen) so that we leave the two buttons pressed at the same time. Well we maintain 10 seconds. We can use the token that gives the program. After 10 seconds release the power button but leave the tight Home.
We left home button pressed for 15 seconds again, we use the program counter to guide us. It is vital to do these steps right, because only then can put the phone in DFU mode so that the program can detect it and put hand to the bottom. If you do not come out, try again by turning off the machine and starting over. If you do well, you'll see the button Jailbreak available at the bottom of the window GreenPois0n instead of Waiting for DFU...
Now comes the most delicate moment, where the true magic of Jailbreak. Press the button and waited. It is important not to sign-off your device cable.
When finished, the button appears Quit, we click.
Once we do this, we will see that on the screen of the phone (or iPod Touch or iPod) gets a bunch of letters moving quickly, is normal. It's just the verbose mode , i.e. a mode that shows what the phone always does on screen at boot iOS - but we do not see because it is hidden, showing only the Apple logo. When finished booting, you will see a white icon on the Springboard, called Loader. Congratulations,
our dispositive Jailbreak already has done! - But we have not finished yet. Now we will install Lydia.
We opened it, and give us only one option called Lydia, We, then click on Install Lydia.

After that, Lydia will be downloaded and then installed. Once finished, Loader asks if you want to delete the desktop. We say that if (as we only applies to install Lydia and we've done - although perhaps it is appropriate to save it if you ever Lydia breaks (something that is unfortunately too common) and can delete and reinstall this program) How to Jailbreak with GreenPois0n

Download free ps3 games

Download free ps3 games


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Free download games for ps3
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yoshi flash game Mario & Yoshi Adventure 3

Mario & Yoshi Adventure 3

Mario and Yoshi are on an adventure to rescue again and defeat Bowser in the final. This time Mario and Yoshi have to complete various tasks in each level and collect all the artifacts to fight bowser on the last level.


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