VOODOO CHRONICLES: FIRST SIGNAL - Collector's Edition in English

VOODOO CHRONICLES: FIRST SIGNAL - Collector's Edition in English
• An incredible adventure.
• Explore sinister scenarios.
• Get to break an ancient curse.
VOODOO CHRONICLES: FIRST SIGNAL - Collector's Edition in English

Game Synopsis:
Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign researcher James Voodoo help clarify strange happenings in the fictional town of Richtown where most liveable planet where richer and concentrated. All this to find a secret about an ancient tribe that lived in the area hundreds of years ago.
We will also explore Ravenhill, maybe not a place so full of luxuries like Richtown but give us valuable clues to find what we want. Both places with detailed full color and high quality scenes.
In the hidden object scenes you'll find in this game, it will be quite easy to find objects, but in special cases, these are quite hidden and in the early stages not have available a help button to solve, so it will touch effort.
In addition to the lost property, we make puzzles and riddles to unlock us hidden places, locks or other mysteries help us to unravel mysteries and follow the story, which is quite elaborate and nothing in the game we approached, it seems Added random. Without further ado, Arise to enjoy a good game of hidden objects.
This is a special Collector's Edition, full of exclusive extras you will not find in the standard version. Enjoy a level of Extra Game, Wallpaper wonderful screen, a stunning soundtrack an amazing art gallery and a complete strategy guide that will help you on your adventure.
Game trailer:
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: 1.4 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Disk: 901 MB
Download from:

File Size: 797 MB.
! ANYTHING low, install it and you play it !
What do you expect?

IN english AND COMPLETE! Post something costs a lot, thank costs nothing, is the least we can do.

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